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JS21N Air Jet Loom

JS21N series air-jet loom is the newest generation of high-performance air jet loom from Jinshuai machinery co., ltd. Its start is to follow the latest technology of air jet loom, to face the middle and upper client. This loom used the most advanced photoelectrical technique, with more than 10 patents with independent intellectual property rights, which completely realized high efficiency、 extensive applicability、energy saving、and strong reliability. Its operation is simplified by advanced electronic control technique, which makes it accommodating the transformation faster, and weaving perfect high value-added product. JS21N air-jet loom has electronic let-off motion,、electronic take-up motion,、electronic yarn accumulator、electronic selvage motion、positive let-off、high speed 6-link beating、multi-support beating、profile guiding perch, which can give electronic multi-color weft selection、electronic、auto-guide weft insertion、monitoring. That realized wide reed space、high efficiency and stable high speed running. JS21N air-jet loom is outstanding in high speed、low shaking、saving energy. This air-jet loom is qualified by QC Supervision, and testified by customers with stable performance, and wide applicability. It can apply to high quality, high density, thin and thick weaving of cotton and chemical fabric. It’s the first choice for the low-input, high return. JS21N air-jet loom will build a splendid future for all clients with its super quality and performance.
Weaving range:Short filament 6-80Ne; Filament 40-1200dtex
Economical speed:cam shedding 950rpm; dobby shedding 650rpm
Reed space:190, 210, 230, 280, 340, 360cm 


JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖1) Applying to high speed、thick fabric weaving
JS21N series air jet loom enrich and extend weaving applicability, strong frame structure and stable weft beating motion ensure super high speed and weaving thick fabric.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖1) Advanced electronic control technique
Jinshuai with independent intellectual property rights developed the electronic control system of new generation air jet loom by absorbing international advanced air jet loom ele-control technique. This system uses 32 bits multi-CPU computer control, realized intelligent、networking、serialization、high efficiency、high reliability, and enhanced good man-computer interface、simplified operation、auto setting、self-diagnosing and monitoring. Electronic control system is the kernel technique of air jet loom. Only advanced electronic control system can make advanced air jet loom.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖1) Weft Insertion
Adopt famous electromagnetic valve abroad to realize high speed and  stable weft insertion under low air consumption with optimization.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖1) ETU electronic take-up motion
Take-up motion rotates synchronously with loom, and controls weft beating density by using AC servo motor through computer controlling. It can change weft density on touch screen instead of changing gear. According to cooperation with electronic let-off, it makes machine running easier and prevents stop.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖7)

JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖8)■ Large touch screen
                               ■ Equipped large touch screen, which makes easy operation, and enhances the man-computer communication.                                
                               It has self diagnosis, show the problems when loom stop.                                
                               ■ Users can mend parameters of loom by touch screen.                                
                               ■ Users can save settings into computer by memory card.                                
                               ■ The stop position of loom can be confirmed by length of cloth, in order to keep cloth inspection going well                                
                                 ■ It can analyze every operator’s performance.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖10) Super weft insertion
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖7)

JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖12)▲ Adaptable electronic yarn accumulator
Yarn accumulator developed by our company can adapt feeding speciality in working circle automatically. It can reduce tension fluctuate to the lowest level to make weft insertion smoothly. Weft detector uses two  feelers. It could detect weft shortening or missing pick, broken pick and fold pick.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
▲ High frequency solenoid valve
Air-powered original part uses new famous high frequency solenoid valve from America. It speed up the channel of weft insertion, achieves high speed and stable weft insertion under low air consumption. 
▲ Enough picking with high speed
Narrow breadth loom uses 4-link weft beating which is highly praised in high speed adjustability, for wide breadth loom, it uses 6-link weft beating, which is flexible in weft insertion, to achieve stable weft insertion.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖15)▲ WBS weft arrester
WBS reduces much of the peak tension when picking ends, to avoid broken pick and loose pick. It uses new photoelectricity part to inspect the flying state of weft, realized trig timing of high definition on control area. It applies to wide breadth loom with big peak value tension. It can be set through programming easily, and has the function of pulling back which can avoid producing fault.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖17)▲ Main subsidiary nozzle
The weft is accelerated by low air pressure, in order to avoid weft damage. It can keep running stably even on high speed or wide range weaving.
We not only have the same standard style with linkage of main nozzle, we also have the absolute controlling style that can free set the timing of jet.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖19)▲ Stretching nozzle
Stretching nozzle is effective to fabric that is easy to loose pick. It uses compressed air to hold weft to avoid loose pick.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖10) High quality weave
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖7)

    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖23)★ Two independent electronic selvedge motion[ESM] because two motors can set the hatch angle freely, the operation of cutting and weaving range’s adjustment is improved. In addition, the weaving speed、the leno selvedge quality and the reliability of working parts are highly improved. 
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

★ Super startup motor
     This loom adapts super startup system, produces high output torsion when starts, to strengthen the fist pick. It eliminates stop marks, and improved fabric quality. 
★ Control of fist pick
Because of the first pick, loom speed is slow while staring, atp to produce long yarn and bad yarn end. JS21N air-jet loom adopts the computer to control the pick time, long yarn and bad yarn are prevented.
★ Cloth fell following motion
To let-off immediately after stop, it prevents the slowly reversal reed touches cloth fell, which eliminates stop marks. It auto resumes the tension of begin setting, in order to beating at the right close fell.
★ Selection of stop-start angle
It can set the stop and start angle freely according to the fabric type and position of stop mark.
★ Adjustment of let-off quantity when start
To set let-off quantity freely according to different stop condition can effectively prevent stop marks.
 ★ Start of picking of first shuttle
It doesn’t need to beat again while restart, can directly feed, which prevents stop marks when weaving thick fabric.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖26)★ Upper installed temple
To deploy profile guiding perch near cloth fell with two upper installed temple on two sides, it makes the cloth fell stable and improved fabric quality. In addition, the lower part of the guiding perch can set the position of subsidiary nozzle, which enlarged the weaving range.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖28)● ELO electronic let-off motion
Electronic let-off motion uses measure sensor of tension roller to test actual tension, through the AC servo motor dealt with the computer to control warp beam let-off while the warp beam diameter can be compensated automatically, so let-off precision extremely high. It can keep warp yarn tension, to insure all kinds of the fabric quality.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖30)● Double beam rolls let-off synchronously Double beam roll synchronously electronic let-off motion can be adapted on wide breadth loom, for clients convenient to use trim yarn sizing  equipment on hands.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖32)● ETU electronic take-up 
Using high nature AC servo motor which controlled by computer, make the ETU and loom running at same speed, control the density of beating, the density of beating can be established on the iT-board, do not need to change the gear wheel. Through operating with the moving in succession of ELO, it can effectively prevent stop marks.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
● Hatch device
      Positive cam
It is suitable for weaving heavy and width fabric shedding motion. It runs at high speed and steady warp yarn shedding with auto parallel heald function.
 Dobby shedding
It can choose dobby device for mechanical/electric, negative/positive and down installed/upper installed.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
    JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖35)● Strong frame structure
Used strong box wall board on both sides, beam roll gear with large diameter and positive let-off warp beam. It can beat stable with low vibrating under high speed. It ensures the loom with high-speed, high accuracy to adapt high density fabric weaving requirement.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)
  ● Ensure the complete lubricate cycle system 
 Bath oil lubrication is used inner transmission gear box. Center lubrication is used to the other parts of the loom.
JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖5)

  JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖38) Technology parameter (click)            JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖38) Outline dimensional drawing (click)
   JS21N Air Jet Loom(圖38) If you want to know more about our product, please feel free to contact us (click)

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